MS RFC 136: Rename shp2img to map2img


Jeff McKenna




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MapServer 8.0


The shp2img commandline utility has existed in the MapServer codebase since the first Open Source release, and although it was designed to do simple testing of mapfiles, today it has become a critical part of managing data in MapServer. Through the years however many users have reported not understanding what shp2img means, as the name implies using legacy shapefiles & shapes.

Proposed Approach

Rename the shp2img utility to a more meaningful name of map2img (to imply that this utility can take a mapfile and output map images). The change has minimal impact to the source code, but has a large impact on the msautotest suite and the MapServer documentation.

The approach was initially discussed at the 2020-07-07 PSC meeting.

Source Files Changed

  • shp2img.c:

    rename to map2img.c


    After renaming, commit history is retained using the –follow switch through git, such as the command: git log –follow map2img.c

Build Files Changed

  • CMakeLists.txt:

    change build target name for the map2img utility.


    change executable name for the map2img utility.

msautotest Files Changed

  • pymod/

    set [MAP2IMG] parameter

  • *.map:

    point to map2img utility for all tests.


There is an open issue of GitHub unable to show history of renamed files.

Backwards Compatibility Issues

This is a breaking change, in that the old utility shp2img will be changed to the name map2img and could cause some minor grief to users & packagers, therefore this is why this will be part of a major MapServer release.

Security Considerations

None anticipated.

MapScript implications

None anticipated.

Documentation needs

The MapServer-documentation repository will be updated for the name change.

Ticket ID and References

Voting history

+1 from TomK, MikeS, EvenR, JeromeB, SethG, JukkaR, JeffM
+0 from SteveL, DanielM
-0 from ThomasB, HowardB