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FONTSET is a MAP parameter. The syntax is:

FONTSET [filename]

Where filename gives the location of the fontset file of the system. The location of the system fontset file could for instance be /usr/share/fonts/truetype/font.list (Debian) or C:/ms4w/apps/etc/fonts.txt (MS4W). The location can be specified using a relative or absolute path. Here is an example using relative paths (relative to the mapfile):

FONTSET "../etc/fonts.txt"

Format of the fontset file

The format of the fontset file is very simple. Each line contains 2 items: An alias and the name/path of the font separated by white space. The alias is simply the name you refer to the font as in your Mapfile (eg. times-bold). The name is the actual name of the TrueType file. If not full path then it is interpreted as relative to the location of the fontset. Here’s the fontset I use (the font.list file and all .ttf files are stored in the same sub-directory).


Aliases are case sensitive. Excellent reference information about the TrueType format and online font resources is available from the FreeType.

arial                           arial.ttf
arial-bold                      arialbd.ttf
arial-italic                    ariali.ttf
arial-bold-italic               arialbi.ttf
arial_black                     ariblk.ttf
comic_sans                      comic.ttf
comic_sans-bold                 comicbd.ttf
courier                         cour.ttf
courier-bold                    courbd.ttf
courier-italic                  couri.ttf
courier-bold-italic             courbi.ttf
georgia                         georgia.ttf
georgia-bold                    georgiab.ttf
georgia-italic                  georgiai.ttf
georgia-bold-italic             georgiaz.ttf
impact                          impact.ttf                    monotype.ttf
recreation_symbols              recreate.ttf
times                           times.ttf
times-bold                      timesbd.ttf
times-italic                    timesi.ttf
times-bold-italic               timesbi.ttf
trebuchet_ms                    trebuc.ttf
trebuchet_ms-bold               trebucbd.ttf
trebuchet_ms-italic             trebucit.ttf
trebuchet_ms-bold-italic        trebucbi.ttf
verdana                         verdana.ttf
verdana-bold                    verdanab.ttf
verdana-italic                  verdanai.ttf
verdana-bold-italic             verdanaz.ttf