class mapscript.imageObj(*args)

An image object is a wrapper for images generated by MapServer.



outputFormatObj immutable an outputFormatObj representing the output format of the image


int immutable image height in pixels


char immutable if image is drawn by mapObj.draw() this is IMAGEPATH


char immutable if image is drawn by mapObj.draw() this is IMAGEURL


double immutable image resolution in pixels per inch


double immutable resolution factor


The membership flag


int immutable image width in pixels



Create a new imageObj instance. If filename is specified, an imageObj is created from the file and any specified width, height, and format parameters will be overridden by values of the image in filename. Otherwise, if format is specified (as an outputFormatObj) an imageObj is created using that format. If filename is not specified, then width and height should be specified. The default resolution is currently 72 and defined by MS_DEFAULT_RESOLUTION - this setting is not available in MapScript.

getBytes() gdBuffer[broncode]

Returns the image contents as a binary buffer. The exact form of this buffer will vary by MapScript language (e.g. a string in Python, byte[] array in Java and C#, unhandled in Perl)

getSize() int[broncode]

Returns the size of the binary buffer representing the image buffer


The getSize method is inefficient as it does a call to getBytes and then computes the size of the byte array. The byte array is then immediately discarded. In most cases it is more efficient to call getBytes directly.

save(filename: char, map: mapObj = None) void[broncode]

Save image to filename. The optional map parameter must be specified if saving GeoTIFF images.

write(*args) int[broncode]

Write image data to an open file handle. Replaces the removed saveToString function. See python/pyextend.i for the Python specific version of this method.