COLOR [r] [g] [b] | [hexadecimal string]

Color in which features are highlighted. Default is yellow.

  • r, g and b shall be integers [0..255]. To specify green, the following is used:

    COLOR 0 255 0
  • hexadecimal string can be

    • RGB value: “#rrggbb”. To specify magenta, the following is used:

      COLOR "#FF00FF"
    • RGBA value (adding translucence): “#rrggbbaa”. To specify a semi-translucent magenta, the following is used:

      COLOR "#FF00FFCC"
SIZE [x][y]

Size of the map in pixels. Defaults to the size defined in the map object. Minimum x and y values are -1 (to allow for querymaps to be hidden), and maximum values are the same as the parent MAP MAXSIZE.

STATUS [on|off]

Is the query map to be drawn?

STYLE [normal|hilite|selected]

Sets how selected features are to be handled. Layers not queried are drawn as usual.

  • Normal: Draws all features according to the settings for that layer.

  • Hilite: Draws selected features using COLOR. Non-selected features are drawn normally.

  • Selected: draws only the selected features normally.